Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day. When's Dinner?

Pin It Happy belated Mothers Day to all. How was your "big day"?

I don't want to hear that you got breakfast in bed, or hubby left jewelery on your pillow or that your children wrote you a poem.

Hurry, keep frolicking or they are going to make us do some work

Save that shit for your Facebook status.

I'm sure we all got spoiled, for like five minutes. What happened after that. Did you get pampered all day or did you change Pampers all day? Did you get taken out for dinner or did you have to make a big family dinner. In short, did "your" big day end up turning into just another Sunday?

Here's how my Mothers Day went down:
  • Got to sleep in with Parker. Nursed her back to sleep and crawled out of bed without waking her. Win.
  • Hubby tells me he wants to take his mom out for lunch. I say great, who's going to watch the kids. He says "Oh I guess you want to come too eh?" Fail.
  • Spent next half an hour curled up in a ball on the couch. Hubby apologizes and we get back on track. Decide to order takeaway and eat at his mom's house, negating the need for childcare. Win.
  • Spent day rushing from his moms house to my moms house, Mom and I cook a massive steak dinner in honor of mothers day. As usual we are the last to eat. Fail.
  • Get home later than we expected but with the added bonus of CeeCee having fallen asleep in the car. Put Parker to bed and got her to sleep almost instantly. Win.
  • Realize Hubby has also fallen asleep almost instantly. Epic Fail.  

 Words of wisdom

It's all good. I had a great time despite all the ups and downs. Next year I will make sure I remind Hubby just how important Mothers Day is to me. Not that he's likely to forget.

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hairsteph said...

If he forgets the fact next year.....

Well let's just hope he doesn't forget the fact next year!!!
Your one amazing momma!

MamaZinga said...

Aww, thanks Steph. You're pretty amazing too:)