Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Facebook! Fighting The Good Fight Against...Mommy Blogs?

Pin It Facebook could have spared me a monumental breakdown on the weekend.

You see, faithful readers, the Facebook gods decided that Blogger blogs can be hazardous to your internet health. They took the somewhat heavy handed measure of blocking all links that end in blogspot.ca, just in case you happen across a blog that has been reported as "abuse".

I don't know why, I don't even particularly care why. All I know is that it ruined my Saturday night.

I am a creature of habit folks. I may not go to the extreme of flipping light switches seventeen times before leaving a room, but it's close. When I write a post I do it the same way every time. Visit my Facebook fan page, check my comments, log in through the hyperlink and voila! There is my shiny new blog just waiting to be written in. Except it didn't quite work out that way on Saturday.

Oh no, instead it went a little something like this:
  • Pour cup of coffee, fire up computer. Wait interminably until ancient relic decides to cooperate.
  •  Check notifications and receive tons of great feedback on the new post. Give myself a high five on a job well done.
  • Cruise on over to my fan page. 3 new likes! Solo high five turns into smug asspats.
  • Check latest post link to see if there are any comments...Wait a sec...Where is my latest post link? Where are ALL of my post links?
  • Click on my hyperlink to see what is going on with my blog. Receive error message saying "The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users"
  • Grab chest and let out ungodly shriek.
  • Wipe away tears as I wonder who would have done this and why. My blog is inoffensive, right? Blunt sometimes and even occasionally off color but not abusive. Right? RIGHT?
  • Immediately assume that someone in one of my Facebook groups got a case of twisted panties over my latest post. Not unusual. I've seen debates about peeing in the shower turn bloody in minutes.
  • Muster my courage and go in guns blazing. Tell the coward who reported me to come forward and collect their virtual ass whupping. Realize as I say this that I do, in fact, sound a little abusive. At this point however am too pissed off to care.
  • Receive a message from a friend that it isn't just me, all Blogger blogs are kiboshed.


Needless to say I spent the better part of Saturday night apologizing to all the people I offended with my "Come forth you coward" rant. On the plus side I gained a ton of new readers who wanted to read for themselves the mommy blog that got banned. I guess it all worked out in the end but I still have a few questions. Questions that will probably go unanswered since more people have seen Charlie Sheen sober than have seen an email address for Facebook Help desk.

Facebook Help Desk: Not actually helpful...at all.

What the hell happened to make Facebook ban all Blogger Blogs?
Is this because of marketing now that Facebook has gone Public? Are they trying to squeeze a few bucks out of us poor bloggers? 
Did this have anything to do with viral blog "Buttered Toast" and it's beautifully written piece on Planned Parenthood and the Koch Brothers? Read it here, it is powerful stuff!

I'll break it down for anyone who has been out of the loop this Memorial day weekend and didn't keep up with their favorite bloggers (shame on you).

Marmalade Meg over at Buttered Toast wrote a fantastic piece about how she chooses to spend her hard earned money. It has garnered quite a bit of attention, partly because of her phenomenal writing ability and partly because it takes a stand against the Koch Brothers, Tea Party backers and multibillionaires whose prime purpose in life is to squash Obama and take control of the government. The irony of course being that Tea Party ideals call for a smaller government. I guess smaller is ok, as long as you're the guys running the show. These are the guys that bought the Republican party and are financing the War on Women that is underway in the states right now. Even as we speak I am sure some Republican lawmaker is rubbing their hands together with glee while they come up with a new plan to strip away our hard won rights.

 State Senator Judy McIntyre (D) holding a protesters sign.
That's right, I said OUR rights. It doesn't matter that I'm a Canadian. I am a woman and this is an affront to all women. We are all sisters under the skin. The government has no business telling us how to manage our reproductive health. Thats between us and our doctors ladies. Besides you just know that Stephen "Sweatervest" Harper is in love with these new ideas. He's practically a Republican as it is. Tell you what, I'll trade you guys Obama for Harper and I'll even throw in Michael Ignatieff for free, just to get rid of him.

Sorry, did I just jump up on a soapbox? I think I did. Back to the matter at hand.

Whatever happened to make Facebook put the lockdown on Blogspot.ca one thing is for sure. A little heads up would have been nice. Like a million other amateur bloggers I use Facebook to share my blog. Now that avenue is closed down and we are left scratching our heads wondering what we did wrong. Not only is it limiting access to our blogs, it is preventing us from sharing other blogs...like Megs. Wait a sec.

Maybe the two are related. I wonder how much Facebook stock the Koch Brothers own?

Update: May 29, 2012 06:10 pm - Only blogspot.ca addresses are blocked, the dotcoms are fine. What did Canada ever do to deserve this, lol. Pin It

Friday, May 25, 2012

Does The "Fringe" Make You Cringe?

Pin It I have been active on several message boards and chat rooms throughout my life, and I am an unabashed fan of social media. Facebook was a genius idea. Our lives will never be the same. The internet was my savior during both of my pregnancies so it was a natural progression to migrate into the world of pregnancy and parenting forums. I think it is a great thing that moms from all walks of life can get together and discuss their babies, pregnancy, parenting and kids in general without having to arrange transportation, pack snacks or even change out of their pajamas for that matter. Talking about our kids is awesome.

Talking about anything BUT our kids is even better.

99 percent of the moms I talk to are wonderful. We're all different, different politics, different ideals, different parents. We can agree to disagree and even tear each other a new hole in one thread and be totally on the same page in another. I have made some friends for life and even a few frenemies. Unfortunately, like any public forum, there is always "The Fringe".  Fringe moms can be nuts. They'll cut a bitch. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating (a little). They come in all shapes and sizes. Every mom I know has had a run in with one at one point or another. They make for entertaining reading.

"This is called "pwning a bitch" sweetheart. Mommy's no newbie."
  I often run into disbelief from my friends when I tell them stories from "The Boards". They don't believe that moms really behave like that. I assure you, the following examples are real. Some of them are composites of a few different people but they are real. Chances are I'm not talking about you. Even if I was, you probably wouldn't realize it. Lets face it, crazy people never realize they're crazy. Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

There are too many to go into in just one post so I am going to break this up into several chapters. Hell maybe I'll write a book about it. The Unreal Housewives of the Interwebz maybe. That has a nice ring to it. In the meantime if I do three at a time I should be done by next May.

  • The Activist - This mom posts articles about everything from the anti-vax movement to circumcision trying to raise "awareness". She is trying to change the world, one cloth diaper at a time, and wants to make disposable diapers illegal. She will unleash the beast on you if you admit to feeding your kid *gasp* non organic milk and didn't understand what all the fuss was about when Gisele Bundchen wanted to make breastfeeding mandatory. She wears her baby even when she's asleep, rejects medical authority, eats tree bark for breakfast and won't eat anything that casts a shadow. She claims to be "off the grid" but has an internet connection. I suspect her computer is made of bamboo. The activist is not to be confused with the crunchy or "green" mom. Crunchy, Semi crunchy and Eco Conscious moms somehow manage to hold on to their ideals WITHOUT looking like flaming idiots. They usually realize that each person has to make the decisions that best suit their family. They also lack the sanctimonious attitude that The Activist is known for.

The Activist judges you for...well...everything.

  • The Zealot -  Repent sinners, for the Zealot has cometh. She is usually armed with a bible and claims to be Christian although there is nothing Christ-like about her. She hates "The Gays" and loves Pat Robertson. She burned her teletubbies dolls as soon as she realized, at the tender age of six, that Tinky Winky was a homosexual (because, you know, stuffed toys have sexual preferences). She can quote scripture from memory but always forgets the part about loving thy neighbor. Her kids aren't allowed to watch Harry Potter but she can recap the plot of every episode of All My Children for the last twenty years. Prefers the missionary position and would probably rather have sex through a hole in the sheet. Her answer to everything? "Because the Bible says so." Gets extremely upset when you mention that the Bible also says she can't wear cotton/polyester blends or eat shellfish Lev 19:19. 

The Zealot hates you...but she's praying for you.

  • The Pro-Lifer - I'm talking about the crazy ones, the ones who can turn a conversation about fluoride in drinking water into an anti-abortion missive. Nothing Andy Dicks a good conversation like the arrival of the extremist Pro-Lifer. She comes equipped with graphic photos and propaganda videos and she's not afraid to use them people. She thinks Planned Parenthood should really be named Abortions "R" Us and that the Pro-Choicers get pregnant on purpose just so they can terminate the pregnancy. She lives in a world where unwanted children are immediately adopted by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock etc...and people who don't want to have children should just never have sex...even if they're married. Tends toward republican politics however not all republicans believe as she does. 

    ..and then he told me he got condoms from Planned Parenthood. BURN HIM.

These are just a few examples of the lunatic fringe. For every crazy broad I have met online there are a hundred really nice ladies just looking to discuss something a little more interesting than spit up and cradle cap. I can't blame them, I'm right there with them. The loons keep it interesting and remind us that even though we might not agree on much, at least we all have one thing in common.

We're not batshit crazy.

Photo Credits, all: FreeDigitalPhotos. Net

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Parkerpalooza 2012

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This past May long weekend had a special significance for my family. We went on a group camping trip to honor a good buddy who passed away last year, Parker Summers. Parker was a special kind of guy, full of fun and laughter, who loved music and good times. His spirit lives on in all of those whose lives he touched. We honored him, and his parents Lori and Scotty, at Parkerpalooza 2012.

Parker Summers

It was a great weekend. There were about forty camps set up, not counting those who came for the day and ended up sleeping it off in their cars. Josh and Reina, Parker's brother and sister in law, drove up from the states. Mr. Zinga and myself borrowed his brothers tent trailer and stayed one night. Parker was on everyone's mind but in a good way. We shared stories and laughs and yeah, a few tears too but it was great. The whole point of the weekend was remembrance. Parker left a huge mark on our community and our family. We named our youngest daughter after him and his parents are her godparents. One local artisan presented Lori and Scotty with a carved stone inscribed with the word Parkerpalooza and a sun symbol. We all got a little choked up at that.

I gotta say I was a little nervous about taking the babies to such a busy event but everyone was great. There were tons of kids for CeeCee to play with, lots of spaces for her to run around and if all else failed, daddy took her for a scooter ride. She loved the music, ate her own body weight in junk food and slept like a log even though the temperature dipped below freezing. Camping with a spirited child takes a LOT of patience. I definitely underestimated just how hyper she was going to be, despite the warnings from friends who said I was "insane for taking two kids under two camping in the wilderness". I also hadn't factored in how much all that trash food was going to affect her, live and learn for next time. By Sunday she was a total gong show. It wasn't all bad though. Mr. Zinga pulled his weight in the parenting department so I didn't have to spend the WHOLE weekend chasing her around and luckily baby Parker is small enough that she wasn't much trouble at all. I was even able to have a cocktail or two.

Daddy, scooter ride. NOW!

Now I'm off to clean up the camping gear and get it ready for our next wilderness adventure. In the meantime here are some more pics of our trip. Hope you all had a great long weekend.

Lori and Scotty
Josh and Patrice enjoying a cocktail
Waiting for SGAAG to perform

The vocal stylings of Alex, front woman for SGAAG
Josh and Reina, We'll forgive her for drinking Pabst beer since she was nice enough to let us use her pictures, lol.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

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"Damn you Pinterest *shakes fist at computer screen*

Just when I thought I had gotten over you, you had to come sneaking back into my life. Well, I am through with you. You hear me? Through! All you do is set me up so you can knock me down.

I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean it. I love you, really. Don't be mad. I'll keep crafting."

This was me a week ago. Something has happened since then that has solidified my relationship with Pinterest and made us stronger than ever.

I made something that actually turned out good!

Did it just get cold in here?

Seriously people. This is a major accomplishment. I barely even hurt myself in the process.

I have been wanting to grow my own strawberries for a while now, CeeCee eats her own body weight in them weekly. Really I would love to grow ALL of her food since most of her issues seem to stem from food sensitivities but I have been hampered by a lack of space and lack of skill.

Enter Pinterest.

I have been in love with the idea of repurposing pallets for a while now. They are so versatile it's ridiculous. I found this idea for a pallet garden on Pinterest. I liked it but flowers aren't really my thing. Then inspiration smacked me upside my head.

I could grow strawberries!

I could grow lots of strawberries!!

I could become a strawberry farmer!!!

After a reality check, I reined myself in and went to work gathering supplies. My landlord gave me a pallet, My mom gave me a bunch of ever bearing strawberries and I hit up my local Canadian Tire Garden Center for the rest.

Supplies (minus plants, they came later)

You will need:

  •  One pallet (preferably not too banged up but it doesn't have to be perfect)
  • 12 bags of topsoil (or a pile of dirt from your yard, no judgement here)
  • 28 strawberry plants ( I like ever bearing, they fruit all summer)
  • 3 meters of landscape fabric (you WILL have leftovers)
  • Sandpaper (doesn't have to be fancy, coarse grit will do)
  • Roofing nails and a hammer
  • Scissors

Step One - Prepping your pallet

Do yourself a favor, wear gloves. 
The first thing you want to do is hammer in any nails that have worked their way loose or are sticking out at funny angles. Once everything is nice and tight take your sandpaper and give the front slats a light sanding, paying attention to the edges of each slat. Don't knock yourself out trying to make it perfect, it isn't meant to be. All we are going for with this step is preventing the need for either a tetanus shot or a pair of tweezers. Rusty nails and splinters tend to take the fun out of gardening.

Step Two - Attach landscape fabric

Note the use of a solar light, lol

Fold the fabric in half so that you have a double thickness. Carefully arrange it over the back of your pallet so that the back, two sides and bottom are well covered. Cut to fit, carefully. If in doubt cut bigger than you think you need and trim off the excess. Landscape fabric is cheap like borscht so don't feel too bad about wasting a few inches. 


Like a big ol' wooden envelope

I used roofing nails to attach the fabric at the pallets thickest points, then I went around and sealed the edges. Be careful with the edges because there isn't a lot of wood there and you don't want to drive a nail through the front of your pallet. I like roofing nails because they have a wide head on them and I didn't want to worry about the fabric pulling free. You could probably use a staple gun if you wanted. Since I am not allowed to use dangerous power tools (for the greater good) I went the old fashioned route. I only smacked my thumb with a hammer once (ok, twice) . 


Step Three - Fill it up:)

The top eight are sad pandas:(
Now that I had my garden box it was time to fill it. Word to the wise, put it exactly where you want it before you fill it because these suckers are HEAVY. Once I had it leaning in its happy place I just cut the tops off the bags and dumped them in from the top. I stuck two strawberry plants in each opening, shoved a couple of solar lights in the top (we really do have ENTIRELY too many solar lights laying around, I think they're breeding) gave it a good watering and that was that. Sadly I don't think some of the top eight are going to make it (transplants from momma's garden) but the rest are doing just fine.

Once you have watered a couple of times the dirt will stay in better.

Well there you have it people, proof that a complete and utter klutz CAN complete a Pinterest project without bloodshed (well, without MUCH bloodshed) and end up with a beautiful and functional garden feature in the process. Soon I will get to reap the rewards:)

First fruit
A happy baby with a happy tummy.

Photo Credit, from top:
Some creepy website
All the rest, me and Instagram Pin It

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day. When's Dinner?

Pin It Happy belated Mothers Day to all. How was your "big day"?

I don't want to hear that you got breakfast in bed, or hubby left jewelery on your pillow or that your children wrote you a poem.

Hurry, keep frolicking or they are going to make us do some work

Save that shit for your Facebook status.

I'm sure we all got spoiled, for like five minutes. What happened after that. Did you get pampered all day or did you change Pampers all day? Did you get taken out for dinner or did you have to make a big family dinner. In short, did "your" big day end up turning into just another Sunday?

Here's how my Mothers Day went down:
  • Got to sleep in with Parker. Nursed her back to sleep and crawled out of bed without waking her. Win.
  • Hubby tells me he wants to take his mom out for lunch. I say great, who's going to watch the kids. He says "Oh I guess you want to come too eh?" Fail.
  • Spent next half an hour curled up in a ball on the couch. Hubby apologizes and we get back on track. Decide to order takeaway and eat at his mom's house, negating the need for childcare. Win.
  • Spent day rushing from his moms house to my moms house, Mom and I cook a massive steak dinner in honor of mothers day. As usual we are the last to eat. Fail.
  • Get home later than we expected but with the added bonus of CeeCee having fallen asleep in the car. Put Parker to bed and got her to sleep almost instantly. Win.
  • Realize Hubby has also fallen asleep almost instantly. Epic Fail.  

 Words of wisdom

It's all good. I had a great time despite all the ups and downs. Next year I will make sure I remind Hubby just how important Mothers Day is to me. Not that he's likely to forget.

Photo credit from top:
photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Meme copied from eatliver.com Pin It

Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Party or Seventh Circle of Hell

Pin It Nothing brings out the worst in me like a kid's birthday party.

I don't get it, I must be abnormal. Kids parties are joyous occasions right? Balloons and cake and games...and crying...and fighting over toys...and someone puking in a corner...

Are we having fun yet?

Stab me in the eye with a plastic fork and get it over with.

Yesterday we went to an amazing party for a friends son. I love my friend and she really does throw a great party. It was a Batman theme and she had made capes and masks for all the kids, the cake was a fancy fondant Gotham City in miniature, even the lollipops had capes. The birthday boy had a special visit from The Dark Knight himself (his uncle in a rented suit, shh, it's our little secret). The weather was beautiful, the snacks were plentiful and the kids had a great time and behaved beautifully.

I'm the only freak that didn't thoroughly enjoy herself.

The timing might have had something to do with it. For the record, Sunday mornings are for sleeping. It is the one day of the week that I can snuggle in bed with my babies after having a leisurely (and well deserved after a week of night feedings) lie in. It's a day for eating pancakes, sipping coffee while I share the paper with my hubby and puttering around the house.

After our ironic pillow fight can you iron my chinos so I can grab a soy milk latte?

Instead my Sunday went a little something like this:
  • Wake up at 8:30 instead of usual 10:00. (What is this, a weekday?) Pour a cup of much needed coffee.
  • Hastily wrap present for the birthday boy, despite best intentions of wrapping it the night before. Rejoice in the fact that I am not wrapping it in the car on the way to the party, as I usually do.
  • Plan getting ready down to the last minute "I'll get CeeCee showered while you change Parker's butt, then I'll bathe Parker while you get CeeCee dressed, then you can dress Parker while I get showered..."
  • Realize that planning has taken too long and I now no longer have time to shower. Take slug of coffee only to realize that it is cold and has a Cheerio floating in it. (Thanks CeeCee)
  • Abandon attempt at styling uncooperative hair and slap on a headband. Toy with the idea of makeup and then decide it isn't worth it.
  • Pack kids into car and rush to arrive on time. Arrive late anyway. Realize that despite arriving late we are still one of the first families to show up.
  • Make awkward small talk with other mothers, who I don't know, about their kids, who I also don't know.
  • Accidentally knock my friends toddler face first onto the ground (It could happen to anybody people. He zigged, I zagged. It wasn't intentional. STOP STARING AT ME) Luckily kids are apparently made of rubber and the little tyke was none the worse for wear, although he kept his distance for the rest of the day. Can't blame him, I'm the mean lady that beats up little kids for fun
  • Watch my child consume Cheetos, hot dogs, cape wearing lollipops and a large-ish slice of the Gotham City Police Dept. Mentally prepare for the sugar crash and/or tummy ache later.
What do you MEAN I can't have cake for supper!

CeeCee is a Spirited Child, that means that she can be very intense most of the time. I was surprised to see that she wasn't bouncing off the walls. In fact she was very introverted and looked almost sad. I don't know if it was the change in her routine or the fact that she was surrounded by strangers but it took her forever to warm up. By the time she hit her stride it was, of course, time to pack up and go home. After a power nap in the car she was good as new. 
In the end it was worth it. The birthday boy got spoiled, his mom got a reputation as the best party planner ever, CeeCee kept down all her food and as for Mr. Zinga and myself we got the best present ever.
CeeCee as Batgirl
Our very own superhero:)

Photo Credits:
4 - Me and Instagram:)
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun With Magnets - Magnet Board Tutorial

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Pinterest is going to be the death of me.
I'm actually not exaggerating...much.

Ways Pinterest could kill me:
  • Mr. Zinga could get sick of coming home to an untidy house and strangle me.
  • My cholesterol level rising from yummy food ideas could result in massive heart failure.
  • Accidental decapitation with a Skil Saw while repurposing pallets.  
 I'm fine, really. It's not a problem. I can stop pinning anytime I want to...I just don't want to.

I fell in love with the idea of making a magnet board for CeeCee the first time I saw one, on Pinterest of course. There are magnet boards for organizing makeup, keeping craft supplies tidy and I even saw one that had what looked like an herb garden growing on it. Considering how many different shapes and sizes they come in I was surprised there weren't more options for kids. Kids love magnets, mine does anyway, but magnets can be kind of sketchy. I don't know whats scarier, the risk of them choking or the risk of them swallowing two and having them stick together in their tummy. I decided the only way I was going to be comfortable with CeeCee playing with magnets was if I made them myself. My problem is I am horrible at crafts. I always start with the best intentions but usually end up swearing, bleeding and/or scrolling endlessly through the pages of Regretsy, thinking "It could be worse, Helen Killer could be featuring my crap...I mean craft"

You should also know that April Winchell AKA Helen Killer is my hero. She is living, blogging proof that sarcasm DOES pay off in the end. Take that Mom!

Now on to the crafting:)

Crafty Goodness
You will need:
  • Cookie sheet  You can buy new or repurpose an old one one. It's a good excuse to buy yourself new bakeware
  • One can of metal adhering spray paint  Don't be afraid to get colorful, kids love bright colors
  • Page of stickers Use whatever characters your kids are into, we chose Sesame Street
  • Sticky Magnet Paper You can find this stuff at most dollar stores. Look in photo frame or craft section
  • SOS pad For scratching up the surface of the cookie sheet 

Stickers on magnet sheet
 I started with the magnets, mainly because it rained the day I planned on making this and I wanted to get what I could done. First I took the backing off of the magnet sheet. Handle it carefully because this stuff is super tacky. Next I carefully arranged the stickers to maximize space. Between the glue on the magnet sheet and the glue on the stickers these puppies aren't budging once they're in place so make sure you have them lined up how you want them the first time

Choose simple shapes that are easy to cut out
                                                                                               Carefully cut around each sticker making sure there were no sharp edges. On a side note, if you are wondering where I got the stickers from, it was an activity/coloring book. CeeCee loves to color but stickers are wasted on her so I always tear them out before I give her the book.

Finished Magnets
I also want to point out that you are the best judge of your kids interests and abilities so choose stickers that are going to be engaging to them and also size appropriate for their development level. Obviously if you have THAT kid (you know, the one that has to go to the ER to have the beads removed from their nose on a weekly basis) you may need bigger stickers.

The cookie sheet proved a little more difficult to make. Here is a fairly accurate description of the process:

Step 1

  • Wait for a calm, sunny day
  • Scrub all the baked on gunk off of cookie sheet with the SOS pad and scratch the heck out of the non stick surface AND nail polish in the process.
  • Thoroughly dry cookie sheet (I put mine in the oven on broil for a few minutes just to be sure)
  • Take everything outside and get organized, lay down a garbage bag to prevent Watermelon Pink grass incident
  • Lightly spray cookie sheet, remembering Dad's words of wisdom that twenty thin coats is better than one gloopy mess
  • Realize in horror that paint is not adhering to cookie sheet and is beading up in an alarming manner.
  • Allow it to dry and hope that the next coat sticks better, check back in half an hour 

Step 2

  • Peel back edges of garbage bag that have blown onto surface of cookie sheet and are now adhering to beaded up paint
  • Apply second coat of paint, a little thicker this time to cover up the garbage bag smear marks and paint beads. Use handy nearby solar lights to weigh down the garbage bag.
  • Realize in horror that you have gotten overspray onto husbands solar lights. Death by Pinterest #4 - Husband beats you to death with a Watermelon Pink solar light
  • Realize that second coat of paint isn't sticking either, open bottle of wine at 10 am.
  • Apply sheet of lacy white tissue paper to tacky paint in effort to hide garbage bag smears, paint beads and bits of grass blown over from neighbors yard (thank you SO much for choosing right now to mow, CAN'T U SEE IZ CRAFTING)
  • Decide that rather than making it look vintage, tissue paper has made it look worse. Attempt to remove tissue paper only to find that the paint has instantly dried in places and has formed some type of spray paint/tissue paper paper mache.

Step 3

  • Use convenient garbage bag to dispose of  cookie sheet, tissue paper and solar lights
  • Consume remaining wine.

Voila! You have now created your very own set of  fridge magnets.

Handcrafted fridge magnets FTW
I think Helen Killer would approve.

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